The Purpose and Function of The Coach Approach, Inc. is to provide support to those who would like a life or executive coach. Through a specific matching process, the coach will provide encouragement, support, and direction in a trusting relationship. The coach will guide and empower, and direct the coachee while focusing on specific outcomes. The coach will ask questions and listen, as well as look at different possibilities for solutions.

All of our coaches have different life and educational backgrounds. In addition they are certified through a program recognized by the International Coach Federation. We take special care in making the best match in order to insure success.

Possible Coaching Goals range from: learning to support and encourage others, reinventing yourself, effective communication, conflict resolution at work or home, motivating and finding the joy in work, reaching fulfillment with life, gaining clarity, gaining balance in life, finding a life purpose, ....etc. We hope that with the help of a coach, it will be obtainable to work and live in a more productive and positive manner, that in turn reflects in work and with relationships.

The Coaching services are free of charge to helping professionals or Nonprofits.

The Coach Approach Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit Agency.